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Hello, dear readers!
I am a Portuguese writer who is now having her books translated into English. So I decided to make this page in English only!
Yes, I know English (I’m actually an English-to-Portuguese freelance translator), but I’m not a native speaker. So yes, I understand English, but my English (especially the writing) is not the best.
You can ask questions, praise, anything, and I will understand and respond in English at the preschool level!

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Valentina Linz is from Minas Gerais, Brazil, from birth, upbringing and from the heart. When she was a child, she had trouble learning to read and write, and when people asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she answered ”a job that doesn’t require me to write”. But that changed in her teenage years, when she discovered a passion for reading and writing, rising at that time her dream of becoming a writer of juvenile literature. She wrote fanfics, and that’s her dark past, but also her training phase! She loves fantasy, fiction, horrible things happening in beautiful sceneries. She started writing books in 2012 and her first book was published in 2016. She works with juvenile literature, fantasy and romance.


Serie: The Story’s Villain

A Fairy’s Tale – part 1

Valetina Linz (1)There are no doubts about Caetana Pimenta’s normality, she’s the most common girl you’ve ever heard of. The most boring sixteen years old that ever existed, without qualities or flaws. But impressions can trick you, and she knew it very well only by looking at someone’s face. That’s because she had the gift of knowing someone’s desire, someone’s deepest need, before even knowing their name. The problem was that the person’s desire would torment her until she made it come true. On a common day, she crossed paths with a woman that would change her destiny forever: a stranger who needed another stranger dead. But Caetana didn’t know who it was… and if she should make that desire come true. Nothing could get worse, because right after that encounter, she got the news that her paraplegic mother had entered a coma, without any apparent reasons. No, things could get a lot worse! The disasters in her life were complete when she was followed by a shadowy figure, that seemed to know that stranger’s desire. And who thought that who should die was her!

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